Best Remote spywares for Mobile Phones

Remote Spyware is powerful software used to monitor all the applications of any mobile or computer of your children, employees or anyone else. This software acts as a spy to the mobiles phone and monitors all the messages, emails or Internet activities by using the mode of Bluetooth or web connection. Bluetooth/web connection provides connection(…)

How to Create your own Action Figures

Action Figures are actually 5 to 8 inches character figures of heroes, superheroes or any of peoples’ favorite personalities, which are poseable and made of different materials like plastic etc. They are very popular in adults especially boys love them a lot. Well, now thanks to modern technology, you can create your own action figure(…)

How to block pop ups in Windows 7

Pop ups are one kind of online advertisement on the internet which are intended to attract traffic or sometimes capture private details. Pop up generally starts in the new tab or small window in the browser to display the advertisement. Generally pop-ups are written in JavaScript using cross-browser scripting, some advertisers use Adobe Flash player to create annoying(…)

4 Best Apps for Teachers

Teaching is a great profession, you will get respect, happiness and sometimes a lot of Stress, especially after Summer Vacations. You have to prepare a lot of stuff after Summer vacations. For getting your stress down, you can work smartly by using some of the best Apps for teachers. Thousands of apps are available for your(…)

How To Make Money On YouTube

YouTube is the most used media website in which people search for video content. According to research, in every month YouTube gets more than 1 billion users. Well, this is a huge amount of audience. Many people are making money from YouTube through different ways. Are you interested to make money on YouTube? Keep reading(…)

List Of Easiest Free Video Editing Software

Almost everyone in this era needs video editing software to make their special moments memorable in different style. But this process can be very costly as video editing process includes involvement of money in corporation with high performance computer systems and large free space in hard disk. In this article, I will try to describe(…)

How To Delete Books From Kindle

Amazon provide their users facility to read and store books for reading. Kindle is amazon e-reader which allows users to view documents, magazines by using registered user account on amazon. Advantage of using e-book reading device is that there will be enough capacity available to store your books and magazines. But after archiving more books,(…)

How To Access A Blocked Website?

There are different colleges and universities which have Wi-Fi enabled in their whole campus. But, they block students from accessing different sites like social media sites. Similarly, many organizations also restrict their workers to use any social media site or any popular website like YouTube. Beside these issues, may be you can face issues regarding(…)

How To Make Your Own Game?

Almost every young computer user loves to play games. But in-spite of that, you may want to make game of your choice. You may have ideas in your mind for creating any game. Do you want to implement that idea into creation of real game. You will be amused to hear as you are unfamiliar(…)

How to Detect Spyware on Cellphone

Last week, I wrote about How to Remove Spyware from Computer . I’ve explained everything related to Spyware. In this article we will talk about ‘How to Detect Spyware on Cellphone’. Hackers are progressing day by day, they are now trying to get their hands on our Cellular data. They can use a Spyware app(…)

How to Make a Website for Kids

Kids love to learn new Stuff, having a website is a great way to Show-case your Progress! Many Kids are running their own Website without spending a dim! You can even earn from your site by Monetizing them. There are many ways to create a Simple website. You can also design a Professional looking website(…)

How To Transfer Music From iPhone To Computer

Music is the basic need of every person in today’s life. Some loves rock, some enjoyed romantic and some desire to listen sad music. But, if you want to transfer music from iPhone to computer. Then, what is the solution to this problem? In this article, I will explain different methods to transfer music from(…)

How to Access Blocked Websites at School

Many Schools and Universities limit their Students to only Specific websites by blocking all Social and other Entertainment sites. It is necessary to make their students more productive in their studies, however sometime we need to access blocked websites at school. There are many ways to access Blocked websites at School. In this article We’ll share(…)

How to Make A Photo Collage?

In this technology era, everyone loves to capture their precious moments into pictures. In order to make your pictures arranged or want to present them in attractive way, then you can choose any software to make a photo collage. There are different software available on the web through which you can easily make photo collage.(…)

5 Best Blackberry Apps for Everyone

BlackBerry is going to be the next big thing in the Smartphone Industry. Thousands of Apps are available for Blackberry users. Have you got your new Z10? So keep reading our article. We have chosen 5 best Blackberry apps. We really love these apps and we are sure, you will too! So without wasting your(…)