Getting Started Tips For Mobile App Development

The use of smartphones is increasing day by day and the need of developing mobile applications is also boosting up. In this article, I will discuss 6 tips for getting started mobile app development company. I will discuss different ways to build solid foundation of your application development company and also some future mobile application(…)

Top 5 Best Keyword Research Tool – Boost Your Organic Traffic

Keywords are the most essential element of your website. They can help you to enlarge your appearance in the search engines. Whenever you are going to start SEO for your website, then you must have to perform keyword research for your site. It is commonly said that keywords are like best friend for any marketing(…)

The Future and Challenging Needs of Enterprise Mobility

Real and Competitive need of Enterprise Mobility The enterprise mobility has become very vital in all organization. When it comes to security and transfer of data and information, many of the IT organizations use it as the need of the hour today. This help to have efficient mobility for back end users as well for(…)

Top Rated SEO Plugins For WordPress – Boost Your Website Ranking

WordPress is the most commonly used content management system and popular among different content management systems provided. It is generally used to create your own web. For making your own website is quite easy through the use of WordPress. There is no need to understand the web developing and programming languages to run your WordPress(…)

While Hiring A Mobile App Developer, What Questions You Should Ask?

Mobile application development is growing quickly as most fast revenue generation platform. If your company is missing mobile app developer, then you should hire one to step into this revenue stream. Smartphones are now becoming essential part of our lives. In a report, it is revealed that majority of the smartphone owners in United States(…)

Best PHP IDE and PHP Text Editor 2014 For Developers

If you are new to the world of web development or you are tired of the IDE you use, you may here find a solution for best PHP IDE. What is an IDE? , [I]ntegrated [D]evelopment [E]nvironment (integrated development environment), ie a code editor that can also serve to purify and give us the different features(…)

5 Must Have Blogger Widgets For Every Blogger

Widgets and plugins are used to make your blog or website more functional and attractive. After implementing the template design on your site, the next task is to put some widgets into your blog. If you are newbie in the field of SEO and blogging, then this article is a must read for you. In(…)

Free SEO Optimization Tools to Improve Page Ranking

Today, SEO optimization has become an important consideration for IT professionals who analyze, design and develop online websites. Free SEO optimization tools to improve page ranking of your site, are a list of web applications that can help you track and maintain your sites important SEO parameters. In order to be able to use these(…)

How to change MySQL database password

Every other day hackers break into computer systems and steal valuable data. A long list of sufferers include WordPress users who have had their passwords broken, WalMart and Target customers who have had their credit card information stolen. In most cases, it is not only the password that is found out by some clever algorithm(…)

Best Framework for Developing Web and Mobile Applications

In the technical development of web and mobile applications the choice of the framework and mode of development of the project (which is better suited to market needs of the customer) is a critical element that must be evaluated with great care having regard to the impact on business in the medium and the short(…)

Benefit Of HTML5 Mobile App Development With PhoneGap

There are different methods to build application which can be accessed on smartphones. For a developer, an obvious approach is to develop application for every mobile platform by using their native development environments like android and iOS. By the use of HTML5 mobile development tools, it is now possible to develop apps for the web(…)

Best Cross-Platform Development Tools For Smartphone Applications

The major priority of professional mobile developers is to develop mobile applications which can be available on multiple platforms for the users. The reason behind using cross-platform development tools is to create applications which can be accessed by user on any platform they want. We are living in a technology age, where users may have(…)

Buying Guide – How To Buy Best Smartphone?

Buying a new smartphone is always a tricky task to do. There are plenty of new smartphones available in the market by different manufactures. They have different features and functionalities along with different operating systems inside. So, in order to find a best smartphone for you within your budget will be headache-inducing process. In this(…)