How To Block Porn Website?

The word internet is no more unknown to anyone in this technology world. Everyone knows about the internet and use it daily for different purposes. We often use internet to get in touch with our friends and family members through social media accounts. We use it to explore latest information and knowledge about any topic.(…)

List of websites for Freelance Writing Jobs

Recently there was an article written on about freelancing writing jobs for beginners, I found it incomplete without adding websites that allow freelancers to earn money. If you want to earn handsome amount of money by doing some online work while sitting in your home. Then, the best and easy way to get started(…)

Beginners Guide: How to Create a WordPress Theme

There are plenty of websites with WordPress tutorial, but I couldn’t find a decent website that teaches “How to build a WordPress theme” from scratch. In this tutorial, we will cover some basic steps to create a WordPress theme. Before we go further, let’s talk about the things we need while developing a WordPress theme.(…)

Beginner Guide: How to install OS X Yosemite on a PC

Installing the Mac OS X operating system on the desktop can arise intractable problems. Hackintosh is one of the solutions around and is been used by newbies but, the process of using “Hackintosh” itself need some training and frequently fail. To install OS X Mavericks operating system on a PC, you can refer my previous post. In this(…)

Best 3D Car Racing Games For Android Smartphones

Almost everyone loves to play games. If I ask you a question that Do you like playing games? Your answer will be yes of course. There are different mediums on which we can play games. You can play games on PC, XBOX, PSP or on your smartphone. In this article, I will tell you about(…)

Beginner Guide: How to install OS X Mavericks on a PC

What is OS X? It’s an operating system designed exclusively by Apple for their personal computers known as Macintosh and for server machines. OS X is an advanced series of operating system used to expand the technological capabilities and to increase application efficiency. What is Hackintosh? Apple has designed Mac OS X so that it(…)

How to Make Your Own Anime Character

You might have seen anime cartoons on the net. Yeah, they are really taking the world daily. If you are a cartoon or anime fanatic and have always wanted to make your own animations, but because you are not an artist and lack experience with animating, you do not know how to, then you probably(…)

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: Things to know

Freelance A freelancer or freelance worker is a commonly used term for a person who is self-employed and not dedicated to a particular client for long term job. People searching for ‘work from home’ have many opportunities available then they usually think. Freelance writing, for example, provides many opportunities for an individual. Now in today’s(…)

Android – How to install Showbox on PC

What is Showbox? Showbox is an Android app which is used for watching television programs and movies. This app is free of cost and can be operated from anyplace and at any time. Showbox is one of the best emerging applications in today’s Android world. Looking out for your favorite movies is now so much(…)

Best Remote spywares for Mobile Phones

Remote Spyware is powerful software used to monitor all the applications of any mobile or computer of your children, employees or anyone else. This software acts as a spy to the mobiles phone and monitors all the messages, emails or Internet activities by using the mode of Bluetooth or web connection. Bluetooth/web connection provides connection(…)

How to Create your own Action Figures

Action Figures are actually 5 to 8 inches character figures of heroes, superheroes or any of peoples’ favorite personalities, which are poseable and made of different materials like plastic etc. They are very popular in adults especially boys love them a lot. Well, now thanks to modern technology, you can create your own action figure(…)

How to block pop ups in Windows 7

Pop ups are one kind of online advertisement on the internet which are intended to attract traffic or sometimes capture private details. Pop up generally starts in the new tab or small window in the browser to display the advertisement. Generally pop-ups are written in JavaScript using cross-browser scripting, some advertisers use Adobe Flash player to create annoying(…)

4 Best Apps for Teachers

Teaching is a great profession, you will get respect, happiness and sometimes a lot of Stress, especially after Summer Vacations. You have to prepare a lot of stuff after Summer vacations. For getting your stress down, you can work smartly by using some of the best Apps for teachers. Thousands of apps are available for your(…)

How To Make Money On YouTube

YouTube is the most used media website in which people search for video content. According to research, in every month YouTube gets more than 1 billion users. Well, this is a huge amount of audience. Many people are making money from YouTube through different ways. Are you interested to make money on YouTube? Keep reading(…)

List Of Easiest Free Video Editing Software

Almost everyone in this era needs video editing software to make their special moments memorable in different style. But this process can be very costly as video editing process includes involvement of money in corporation with high performance computer systems and large free space in hard disk. In this article, I will try to describe(…)